Dietary Cholesterol Increases Colon Cancer Risk


For many years studies have suggested that a high animal fat diet (with the exception of fish), has been linked to higher rates of colon cancer. Researchers have discovered mechanisms that explain how higher levels of animal fat ingestion increase colon cancer risk. As an example, high animal fat consumption increases the production of secondary […]

How is Coumadin different from Plavix?

Blood clot diagram

Table of Contents What is warfarin? Warfarin is a synthetic derivative of coumarin, a chemical found naturally in many plants, notably woodruff (Galium odoratum, Rubiaceae) Mechanism Of Action – Coumadin (crystalline warfarin sodium) and Warfarin are anticoagulants which act by inhibiting vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors. More Details – Inhibits vitamin K epoxide reductase, an enzyme […]

Why Polyunsaturated Fats Lower Cholesterol?

A looming question for many years has been, why do saturated fats and transfats raise bad cholesterol levels and polyunsaturated fats lower blood levels of the bad cholesterol? Well in a brilliant review of the research, published in The Journal of Nutrition in 2005, two researchers reviewed the data on this subject and provided the […]

How Meat Consumption Increases Cancer Risk ?

I want to introduce you to a group of medical doctors for whom I have great respect. They are known as The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. The are leading a revolution in medicine—putting a new focus on health and compassion. The Physicians Committee combines the clout and expertise of more than 12,000 physicians with […]

Does Saturated Fat Increase Breast Cancer Risk?

Total Fat and Saturated Fat Increase Breast Cancer Risk EPIC Study-1

Results from the EPIC Study showed that women who consume the highest amount of total fat, and particularly saturated fat, in their diet, have up to a 50% increase for breast cancer compared to women eating the least amount of total fat and saturated fat. The EPIC study analyzed data from 10,062 Breast Cancer patients […]