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Green Tea Extract Reverses Precancerous Prostate Lesions and Improves Biomarkers in Prostate Cancer Patients

A 2006 study (J Cancer Research) was the first human study to show that green tea catechins (GTCs) were highly effective in stabilizing and reversing precancerous prostate lesions (high grade prostate intraepithelial neoplasia), an established precursor to prostate cancer.  In this study, the treatment group ingested daily GTCs supplements consisting of three GTCs capsules, 200 […]

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The skinny on green tea Good for Weight Loss Blood Pressure Blood Sugar Cholesterol Inflammation and more

Most people have heard that green tea is good for you. More good news about green tea catechins was published in June 2012 in Journal – Nutrition Research. Green tea contains high amounts of a medicinal ingredient called catechins; much more even than black tea. Evidence over the years suggested that green tea catechins could […]