Vitamin D and Omega-3 in Prevention of Depression | Global Integrative Medicine Academy

A number of studies have shown that low vitamin D blood levels are associated with an increased risk of depression. As well, other preliminary studies have shown that omega-3 fat supplementation from fish oil has improved the management of depression when used in conjunction with anti-depressant medications, or in some cases, such as post-partum depression, […]

Vitamin B12 May Slow Brain Aging/Dementia |Global Integrative Medicine Academy

Vitamin B12 may slow brain aging dementia

No one wants their brain to shrink as they get older, but this is exactly what happens in the aging process – and the faster it shrinks, the greater the risk of Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive impairment. However, studies revealed that Vitamin B12 can slow brain shrinkage   As such, I think you’ll find this […]