Does Omega-3 Fats Display Anti-Breast Cancer Effects?


Over many years we have seen studies suggesting that omega-3 fats can help prevent various types of cancer. Human observational studies have shown this (Epidemiological studies), as well experimental studies with animals.  Omega-3 fats are converted by the cells of the body into mini-hormones called prostaglandin series-3 (PG-3). Once formed in the cell, PG-3 slows […]

Lipoxygenase influences progression of human cancers

Table of Contents Introduction Mounting evidence suggests that lipoxygenase (LO)-catalyzed products have a significant influence on the development and progression of cancers. Compared with normal tissues, significantly elevated levels of LO metabolites have been found in lung, prostate, breast, colon, and skin cancer cells, as well as in cells from patients with both acute and […]

Flaxseed Lignans: Chemopreventive properties and Health Effects

Table of Contents Introduction Flaxseed is the richest known dietary source of mammalian lignans . Thompson et al. demonstrated that secoisolariciresinol diglucoside (SDG), isolated from flaxseed, was metabolized into both enterodiol (END) and enterolactone (ENL), and showed chemopreventive properties in the DMBA-induced mammary tumor model in rats. The inverse association between a high enterolactone (ENL) […]

Breast Cancer Prevention

Table of Contents Introduction In 1996, Dr Walter Willett of Harvard University authored a report in the Journal of The National Cancer Institute stating that, after reviewing the world-wide evidence, approximately 50% of breast cancer cases could be avoided if women in North America engaged in more prudent nutrition and lifestyle practices.  It has been […]

Nutrition and Lifestyle Practices Reduces Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

The research I am citing today was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on February 21, 2017. The review paper examined whether or not lifestyle modification has an impact on the recurrence of breast cancer and overall survival rates of women who have been treated for breast cancer.  The results are quite encouraging and […]