Dr. Judy Williamson

I have a bachelors degree in Human Biology and I was lucky to receive a very strong understanding of molecular biology and biochemistry. After my degree I wanted to shift my focus in Nutrition and Natural Health but I had to find an online course because I couldn’t leave my full time job and my home responsibilities. I have searched and talked with many schools abroad offering online courses in these fields but nothing seemed to satisfy my needs for a deeper and detailed look in the science around these topics. Finally, I randomly came across GIMA on google and the course material looked very promising. However, when I actually enrolled and started doing the course I was blown away by the material. It far exceeded my expectations for scientific integrity and depth of knowledge. In addition, Dr James Mechino is an amazing educator and he manages to explain things in such a smooth and understandable manner. His ability to translate, communicate and pass on the science despite all its complexity, is simply astounding and I am so much grateful. Not only this course has given me the knowledge and understanding, at the specialist level, for nutrition medicine and natural health, but, it has also laid down the strongest foundations enabling me to begin practicing clinically with patients/clients and also further continue with my studies in Nutrition and pursue further expertise in the field. For anyone who wants to learn Nutritional Medicine down to the substantial, biochemical/molecular level, this is the course to choose! Many thanks to Dr Mechino and GIMA team. Honestly, it was one of the best choices I have even done.