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Certificate in Advanced Nutritional Medicine and Sports Nutrition Specialists

$250.00 / month for 12 months

Completion of the entire program ( 6 courses) earns you Advanced Nutritional Medicine Certificate and Sports Nutrition Specialists Certificate from GIMA


Certificate in Advanced Nutritional Medicine and Sports Nutrition Specialist for Non-DC's

Enhance your skills and confidence when addressing nutrition, exercise and supplementation recommendations to patients in the following instances:

Help your patients decrease risk of degenerative diseases, enhance their longevity index and healthy life expectancy

  • Learn how to improve the management of existing health conditions via evidence- based nutrition, supplementation and exercise interventions
  • Answer questions about how drugs affect the body, and confidently explain strategies that can be used to enable their physician to lower the drug dosage of high-risk medications, or eliminate the need for certain drugs via the use of targeted nutrition and lifestyle medicine
  • Develop an expertise in drug-nutrient interactions to ensure your patients are using the safest approach to supplementation, and helping to identify patients who are at risk via their own self-medication (supplementation) practices.
  • Learn how to optimize the genetic health potential and reverse key aspects of the aging process on a physiological level.


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