Dr. James Meschino
Educating North American Health Professionals for Almost 3 Decades.

Make Dr. James Meschino part of your next event.  A gifted speaker and a respected expert who will both entertain and educate your members.  

The Global Integrative Medicine Academy is the proud sponsor of the Dr. James Meschino speaking series.  A media personality who is a respected expert in wellness, anti-aging, and Nutrition,  Dr. Meschino has been entertaining and more importantly educating Health Professionals  across North America for almost 3 decades.

Brad Whitehead
Program Director 

Nutrition is a popular topic among health profession and is often listed as one of the 3 top interests of Health Professionals in recent surveys.

  • 1 to 8 hours of evidence​​​​ based seminars
  • Discover what current research has revealed, the impact that nutrition and lifestyle can will have on health and longevity
  • All fees and expenses paid by GIMA
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Nutrition and Neurology

Nutrition and Neurology:  Specific diet and supplement interventions proven to help prevent and treat:

Recent Advances in Anti-Aging Research and Health Optimization:

The Evidence- based Use of Nutrition, Supplementation, Exercise (8-hour Program)

Recent Breakthroughs in Nutrition and Natural Medicine for Primary Health Care Professionals

In this seminar, Dr. James Meschino updates practitioners on recently published peer-reviewed clinical studies from the world of nutrition and natural medicine.