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​ A Weight Loss Supplement That Really Works

- by Dr. James Meschino, DC, MS, ROHP

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​ A Weight Loss Supplement That Really Works

​Several recent landmark studies have shown that a unique ingredient found in green tea enables over weight subjects to burn excess body fat and lose weight without making any dietary or lifestyle changes.  The ingredient, called catechins, has been reported to stimulate the activity of the body’s brown fat, which primarily burns excess calories and gives them off to the environment as heat. Scientists call this increasing theromogenesis.

​Many over weight people have under-active brown fat metabolism, which makes them prone to storing excess calories in their white fat, putting on pounds in the abdomen, hip, buttock and other regions of the body.  The recent study by T Nagao and fellow researchers (American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition) showed that catechin supplementation (from decaffeinated green tea extract) produced a 5.3 pound weight loss in over weight human subjects in just 12-weeks, even though the subjects did not change their dietary or physical activity patterns. The participants also lost inches around their waist and hip. In addition, supplementation with green tea catehins also improved several risk factors for heart disease

​Many researchers have shown that the antioxidants in green tea can produce protective effects that are associated with decreased risk of cancer and heart disease, and quite conveniently catechins are an important green tea antioxidant. The latest research now shows that in addition to their disease prevention properties, supplementation with the right dosage of catechins produces weight loss in over weigh people with more efficient burning of body fat, even when you are not exercising.

The research indicates that in order to lose weight and burn body fat you need to supplement with a daily dosage of 600 mg of catechins per day from decaffeinated green tea extract (less than 1% caffeine). 

I often recommend a supplement that helps metabolize fat that includes the following daily dosage:

  • Chromium -200 mcg
  • Hydroxycitric acid – 1500 mg
  • Green Tea Catechins (from decaffeinated green tea) – 600 mg​​​​

​These are clinically proven ingredients shown to help reduce body fat, facilitate weight loss, and not pose a threat to your health, unlike products that contain stimulants sometimes used for weight loss (e.g. ephedra and caffeine-containing supplements)

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A Weight Loss Supplement That Really Works

Dr. James Meschino, 


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